Replacement WindowsReplacement Windows – Whether you are building a new home or buying an already existing structure, you as the new homeowner, will have to decide on what kinds of changes you will make when it comes to improving the home. For some, it is the floor, for others it is the exterior of the home. You will also need to think about the benefits that your changes will bring. One home improvement that can really bring you a lot of benefits is window replacement. Replacement windows not only help keep the home up to date with its style but provide energy efficiency throughout the home. In this article, we will find out more about replacement windows and how you can maximize them.

When Do You Replace Your Home Windows?

The most common reason for replacement windows in a home is its wear and tear. Some homes have already been there for 20 or 30 years, and with that amount of time, you will definitely see some damage or signs of wear all throughout the house. Old and worn out windows may not close properly, leak during rains, or have racks in the glass which, aside from being unattractive, are also very dangerus and unsafe. Really old windows are easily broken down and who wants a home with broken windows, anyway?

Another reason for replacement windows is that the old windows in the home may not be energy efficient. Certain window types help keep heat and cold in the home, while others help keep a better temperature inside the home. If a home if very generously designed with windows and it proves to be a nuisance to the homeowner, then most of the time, the owners will decide to get some replacement windows to keep the costs of their energy consumption lower.

Finally, some people get replacement windows for the sake of aesthetics. It could just simply be because the style of the old windows are quite outdated, or the entire home is getting a facelift altogether. In any case, choosing the right type of replacement windows can help greatly in updated the look and feel of any home.

What Costs should be factored in When Replacing Home Windows?

Replacing the windows in a home isn’t exactly spare change and you should consider the costs carefully if you want to take on this project for your home. Typically, for the average sized US home, replacing an entire set of windows for the house will set you back around $10,000. That’s the price of brand new sets.

Replacement windows are something of a consideration for a lot of homeowners who are planning to sell their homes. When the set of windows is replaced, it considerably increases the value of a home for resale. If you are planning to sell your current home, or any one of your properties, one way to up the value is to replace the windows, especially if these are already very old or broken. It is a fair enough estimate that you will be able to recover 60% of your total investment on the replacement windows. The increased value of a home from better replacement windows will also help you maximize your property if you decide to borrow money and put your home as collateral to your loan at the bank.

Different Types of Replacement Windows

Vinyl Replacement WindowsThere are a lot of different types of replacement windows to choose from ranging from different materials, to different styles, to different glass colours. Windows can be made of aluminium, wood, fibreglass, vinyl, or metal. Typically, aluminium windows are expected to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Wooden windows are expected to last up to 30 years. Those that are made of vinyl or fibreglass are even more durable materials than wood or aluminium and you can expect such windows to last you even longer than 30 years. Take a look at your current windows and determine what material they are made of. If you start to notice any of the symptoms of old and ready-to-be-replaced windows, then you have most likely reached the maximum useful life of your currently installed windows.

When it comes to window style, you won’t be running out of options either. The standard home windows are usually designed to slide horizontally. If you plan of installing replacement windows, you will find that you can get single or double hung windows to match your preferences. Single hung windows are designed to slide vertically. If you go with a double hung window, you’ll have the option of sliding the window up or down from the top or bottom.

When you buy a readymade home, contractors will generally use standard, plain looking windows can be downright boring and dowdy. Replacement windows allow to inject a little more style and design into your home. By simply replacing the standard windows with a more updated style, you can easily give your home a facelift without having to make changes to everything. Windows come in all sorts of designs and styles; just look around at your local suppliers’ stores who, nowadays, are taking more into consideration the aesthetics of a replacement window rather than just the function.

How Windows Help with Energy Efficiency

Window ReplacementBelieve it or not, the right replacement windows can ease up your heating or cooling bills. Single pane windows tend to let more heat or cold into a home and in turn, drive up the cost of your heating or cooling systems. When you buy a replacement window, try to get something that is double or triple-paned. Such windows provide better insulation for the home and help in reducing your energy consumption. If such windows are applied all throughout the home, you’ll be able to see some significant improvements in your heating or cooling bill. Smaller, easier fixes can be applied when you want to reduce your energy bill such as minor repairs on the sashes and frames, using spray foam to fill in some holes or voids in your windows, or wrapping them up in plastic wrap during the colder months. However, if you are after energy savings in the long-term scale, replacing your current windows with more energy efficient ones will be a better option to go for.

Replacement windows aren’t all just about the aesthetics of a home, as we’ve discussed. Whether its increasing the value of a home or decreasing the energy consumption, windows are certainly an important aspect of any home. Replacement Windows